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: Posting

The Post Editor
There are two versions of the post editor: the standard editor and the rich text editor. Which one you use can be configured from your settings. With the rich text editor, you'll see how the post will look when it's finally posted, like a live preview.

The toolbar buttons on each editor are very similar, and each button is explained below, from left to right:
  • (This is only available in the rich text editor) - This will turn off all formatting tools currently in use.
  • (This is only available in the rich text editor) - This will show the HTML source of the post and allow you to enter the post in HTML. Note that we filter posts and some HTML may not be allowed or saved.
  • Other styles - This menu contains all other options which do not have their own toolbar button, such as acronyms or spoilers.
  • Fonts - This menu allows you to set what font your post is displayed in.
  • Sizes - This menu allows you to set what size the text in your post is.
  • - This menu allows you to set the color of the text in your post.
  • - This will redo the last undone change.
  • - This will undo the last change made.
  • - This will make the text bold.
  • - This will make the text italic .
  • - This will make the text underlined.
  • - This will make the text striked out.
  • - This will make the text subscript.
  • - This will make the text superscript.
  • - This will start a bullet-point list.
  • - This will start a numbered list.
  • - This menu will allow you to insert an emoticon into your post.
  • - This will insert a link.
  • - This will insert an image.
  • - This will insert an email address.
  • - This will insert a quote.
  • - This will insert a codebox.
  • - This will allow you to link to media, such as a video or song.
  • - This will indent the post. This icon can also be used to create multi-level lists.
  • - This will make the text aligned to the left.
  • - This will make the text aligned to the right.
  • - This will make the text aligned in the center.

Depending on where in the at community you are posting your message at, you may have the option to add a poll that other members can vote in. If so, you will see a " Manage Poll" button. lick on this to configure the poll.

You can optionally enter a title for the poll in the "Poll Title" box. You may then also be able to set it as a public poll by checking the "Public Poll?" box. In public polls, all members will be able to see who voted for which option.

You can then add your questions by typing the first question into the Question box. You must then choose if you want this question to be multi-choice (allowing users to select an arbitrary number of answers) or single-choice (users will only be able to select one answer). To make the question multi-choice, check the "Allow users to select multiple answers?" box, otherwise, leave it blank.

Then enter the possible answers for the questions into the boxes below. To add more answers, press the " Add Another Choice" button, or to remove an answer, click the icon. You can see how many choices you are allowed per question at the bottom of the list of questions.

To add additional questions, press the " Add Another Question" button. You can see how many questions you are allowed at the bottom of the list of questions.

To remove a question, press the " Remove Question" button, or to cancel adding a poll, press the " Close Poll Form" button.

Post Options
Depending on where in the community you are posting your message at, you may have additional options including whether or not to add your signature, what post icon to use, and more. To see and configure these options, press the " Click to configure post options" link if it is available.

Depending on where in the community you are posting your message at, you may be able to upload attachments to your message. There are two types of uploaders available: the default uploader and the flash uploader.

Default Uploader
The default uploader allows you to upload attachments one at a time. To begin, press the button. A box will appear for you to select the file on your computer that you want to attach. Select the file you want to upload.

If you change your mind, you can press the button and then choose a different file.

Once you have selected the file you want, press Attach the file.
If there are any errors uploading the file, you will receive an error message, otherwise, you will see the attachment appear.

Flash Uploader
You can enable the flash uploader from your settings menu. When enabled, you will be able to easily upload more than one file at a time.

To start, press Click to Attach Files. A box will appear for you to select the file or files on your computer that you want to attach. Select the file or files you want to upload. You can select more than one file at a time by holding Ctrl (on Windows) or Command (on Mac) and click on the files.

Once you have selected your files and clicked "Open", they will begin uploading. If there are any errors uploading the files, you will receive an error message, otherwise, you will see the attachments appear.

Managing Attachments
Regardless of which uploader you use, once the files are uploaded you will see them on your screen. By default, all attachments are added to the bottom of your message, however, you can add any attachment to a particular section of your post by pressing the "Add to Post" link.

If you wish to remove an attachment and have it not appear in your post, simply press the "Delete" link.

Debug Information

IPSDebug Messages
Retreiving user agent information from the DB
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IPSMember Cache Actions

(29) Included Files

Loaded Caches

Loaded Classes In ipsRegistry::getClass()

FORM and GET Input
app = core
module = help
do = 01
HID = 8
request_method = get
last_visit = 1563814968

set_id = 1
set_name = IP.Board
set_key = default
set_parent_id = 0
set_parent_array = a:0:{}
set_child_array = a:0:{}
set_permissions = *
set_is_default = 1
set_author_name = Invision Power Services, Inc
set_author_url = http://www.invisionpower.com
set_image_dir = master
set_emo_dir = default
set_css_inline = 1
set_css_groups = a:13:{s:3:"1.1";a:2:{s:9:"css_group";s:15:"calendar_select";s:12:"css_position";s:1:"1";}s:4:"1.28";a:2:{s:9:"css_group"...
set_added = 1245688531
set_updated = 1245688531
set_output_format = html
set_locked_uagent =
set_hide_from_list = 0
set_minify = 0
_userAgents =
_youCanUse = 1
_gatewayExclude =
_skincacheid = 1
_csscacheid = css_1
Next task = 25 April 2019 - 06:04 PM
Time now = , 05:02 PM
Timestamp Now = 1563814968

MEMBER: uagent_key: __NONE__

MEMBER: uagent_type:

MEMBER: uagent_version: 0

Loaded PHP Templates
skin_global, skin_help
skin_global_1, skin_help_1

Queries Used

SELECT * FROM forums_cache_store WHERE cs_key IN ( 'systemvars','login_methods','vnums','app_cache','module_cache','hooks','useragents','useragentgroups','skinsets','outputformats','skin_remap','group_cache','settings','lang_data','banfilters','stats','badwords','bbcode','mediatag','profilefields','rss_output_cache','report_cache' )

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SELECT * FROM forums_skin_cache WHERE cache_set_id=1 AND cache_type IN ('css', 'replacements')

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SELECT * FROM forums_skin_cache WHERE cache_set_id=1 AND cache_value_1='skin_core_global'

SHUTDOWN: INSERT INTO forums_sessions (id,member_name,member_id,member_group,login_type,running_time,ip_address,browser,location,in_error,current_appcomponent,current_module,current_section,location_1_type,location_1_id,location_2_type,location_2_id,location_3_type,location_3_id,uagent_key,uagent_version,uagent_type,uagent_bypass) VALUES('868e6115ea8b638f986590e031a5a011','',0,2,0,1563814968,'','CCBot/2.0 (https://commoncrawl.org/faq/)','',0,'core','help','','',0,'',0,'',0,'__NONE__',0,'',0)

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