Report fn the match of «Zhetysu» — «Tobol»
7 May, 2011 Report fn the match of «Zhetysu» — «Tobol» 6255
Report fn the match of «Zhetysu» — «Tobol»
Both teams come toplay with the same personnel problems— inthe match were unable toattend the main guard goals Zhetysu and FCTobol» Stepanenko and Petukhov.

As a result they were replaced by Vladimir Loginovsky and Yaroslav Baginsky, hit in a match Gerfort and Firsov, who countered just before each other in meeting of the double teams.

However, the coaching staff of taldykorganers used to trust team’s place to young players, as illustrated by two starter limiters of Zhetysu. By the way, going forward, Shetkin and Sariev justified the confidence.

In addition to all that something extra special for the rivals of course added the fact that in the teams was a lot of players who have something to prove to their previous clubs.

The game started with a quick attack of Alexey Shetkin on edge, but at a fraction of a second ahead and caught the ball Baginsky. Just next time Bakayev after passing through left flank tried to confine the penalty, however, overcome with the ball before the Defender’s hand was not reached. Designated for that violation penalty Tsvetkovich-ball after impact, hitting Kucher for front line out. Drawing of angular sensitivity is not brought, but a second tempo was spectacular blow through a Bakayev, but also on target was not hit.

It seemed taldykorganers firmly took the initiative but also the «Tobol» showed that doesn’t think sitting in defense — Igor Yurin powerfully from long range and precisely punched in the top and only skill Loginovskij saved the hosts in this episode.

Zhetysuers responded harshly attack, during which half the field of Tsvetkovich gave exact Paz, at Bakaev in turn
led to the edge of the counter strike position Shchetkin, which to the dismay of fans sent the ball well above the goals.

The game went at cross-purposes, rivals meet attack on attack. Almost immediately following the last day of Palms strike guests who paid a kick Gridin from outside the penalty area, Loginovskij dived to the ball straight ahead, but proved to be the first to rebound from the regulation Yurin launched it above the bar. Reply taldykorganers is not long to wait, Ulugbek Bakayev, who played against their former club, in the fall, his head was thereby transfer through the match.

This happened at 20-minute meeting, and just 13 minutes the hosts again won — again an excellent pass found Bakayev penalty Shchyotkin and young striker missed its chance home, scoring the third goal in the last three games of their club. After that, the game is a little calmed down, it was felt, that guests will surely and they need time to recover, but it didn’t last long and was soon again have checked vigilant Volkov and Loginovskij, who played flawlessly.

Yet, ending the half remained after the execution of standard of taldykorganers-Klimavichus point-blank Arunas punched his head, but managed to respond with incomprehensible Baginsky ball immediately followed two fatalities, but the most dangerous and they have not yielded results.

Afternoon meetings began on the first scenario -followed the attack Zhetysu, concluded a dangerous blow of Muzhikov, whereupon the ball went wide. Almost immediately, winning Paz Shetkin from deep, brought the shock position of Sariev, but he was unable to penetrate. Guests were slowly deciding how a little longer, but were unable to score, Sergey Gridin, characteristic physical manner, and shot at point-blank range.

In front of the ball and they were encouraged by the large kostanajers literally rushed forward. However, zhetysuers did not remain in debt and responded very dangerous — Bakayev near gate dumped the ball to Sariev, but he did not understand the point and to blow the case had not gone.

However, the young midfielder his Evan scored a very important and necessary goal, 80 minutes to attack the second echelon of endorsement, he drove a powerful blow. This episode no doubt finally determined the fate of the match, because it after his owners competently and confidently opponent is 7 minutes later the same Sariev perfect helped failing to replace Sergei Ostapenko, who put the point in this game.

The time remaining before the final whistle has also comprised a powerful shot of Serikzhan Muzhikov the crossbar and a pair of attacks guests to its credit played actively until the last seconds of the match. The final whistle has a beautiful and confident of victory «Zhetysu» champions and marked a return to taldkorganers top of the standings.

Post-match Serik Abdualiyev, head coach «Zhetysu»: I wish first to congratulate all the holiday. We played with champion 2010. The game was tense. The team was, and indeed to all games. We can say that 90 percent of the guys completed installation. And of course, the game 2–1 at was voltage. And it is good that we were able to score two goals, which let us to bring the match to win.

Ravil Sabitov, head coach of FC Tobol «: I think that the game was exciting — it was a lot of goals. We had no luck. We had scoring chances but failed to score. We lacked luck. Points were.

«Zhetysu» — «Tobol» 4:1 (2:0)
Bakaev 20 (1:0), Schetkin 33 (2:0), Gridin 57 (2:1), Sariev 80 (3:1), Ostapenko 87 (4:1)
Preventions: Bakaev 61
«Zhetysu»: Loginovskiy, Mikhaylov, Klimavichus, Samchenko, Korobov (Kumisbekov 70), Bakaev, Skorykh, Tsvetkovich, Schetkin (Ostapenko 65), Sariev (Meirmanov 88), Muzhikov
Reserve: Firsov, Suyunov, Kusainov, Berikbaev
«Tobol»: Baginskiy, E. Nurgaliev, Couchera, Yurin (Scheptitskiy 85), Slivich, Kostyuk, Volkov, Zhatekov, Khasenov (Danaev 88), Gridin, Kislitsyn (Bekrich 60)
Reserve: Gerfort, Lotov, Malyshev, Akhanov
Judges: Kuchin, Rakhimbekov, Bondar (all from Karaganda)
Taldykorgan. «Zhetysu». 2000 audience.

Yurij Pak, press-attashe of PFC «Zhetysu»

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