Tournament of dublicate teams
6 May, 2011 Tournament of dublicate teams 4291
Tournament of dublicate teams
The weather presented anot especially pleasant surprise todoublers of«Zhetysu» and «Tobol» asapouring rain before the game and drizzling rain during all match.

On the field every mistake increased in times, that, however, did not compel teams to be over-cautious — from the first minutes opened football reigned on the field. Taldykorganers looked better at first of meeting: at least five episodes could and must end with taking goals of guests. Zhetysu’s doublers blowed both barbells, and once again, after the blow of Meyrmanov, a ball kicked the cross-piece of Gerfort’s goals. Not realized moments have done bad joke with owners, well-known football truth- you do not score, score you. Alas, but for this time so happened. Thus it happened at the 2nd minute of the compensated time, when Malyshev locked paz from the corner with his head. By the way, the second half of meeting passed in an equal and double-edged fight and owners skipped in a minority — an uttery unpleasant incident was preceded a goal, during which Kovalev answered on the rudeness of Kulmagambetov for what he was outcast from the field, and the player of «Tobol» saw before himself a mustard plaster.

«Zhetysu» — «Tobol» 0:1 (0:0)
Malyshev 90+2 Preventions: Kovalev 57 — Kulmagambetov 85 Deleted: Kovalev 86
«Zhetysu»: Firsov, Kovalev, Musiyatchenko (Kuzmenko 52, Razbekov 90+1), Nusipzhanov, Adilkhanov, Suyunov, Belyakov (Esimkhanov 59), Mukashev, Meirmanov (Akhmetkhanov 75), Kremenovich (Soltanov 78), Kusainov
Reserve: Zhumabaev, Askaruly
«Tobol»: Gerfort, Nurakhmetov, Ovshinov (Shonov 46, Levchenko 90+2), Akhanov (Tastemirov 46), Iosipenko, Malyshev, Scheptitskiy, Gaychuk, Deli, Romanov, Abishev (Kulmagambetov 63)
Reserve: Lebedev, Agaysin, Zhukov
Judges: Akhmetbekov (Taldykorgan), Rakhimbekov, Bondar (both from Karaganda)
Taldykorgan. ZSU. 200 audience.

Tournament of double teams. 10 round
«Lokomotiv» — «Irtish» — 3:1
«Ordabasy» — «Atyrau» — 4:1
«Zhetysu» — «Tobol» — 0:1
«Aktobe» — «Kayrat» — 0:2
«Taraz» — «Kaysar» — 2:0
«Shakhter» — «Vostok» — 2:1

Yurij Pak, press-attashe of PFC «Zhetysu»

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